Niteflirt Recorded Listings Are Back

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Hey geeks,
Niteflirt recorded listings are back, Mazel Tov it’s only been like what a year? So you can now quit you’re bitching and whining you can finally get a piece of me without the risk of being caught having those dirty MP3s hanging out on your hard drive. Afraid someone will find out what your perverted fantasy’s are. Now you can listen to me 24 hours a day at a per minute rate with my recorded listings on Niteflirt. Hurray If you have any requests let me know and if it sounds like something I’d be into that’s going to make me cash then I’ll consider doing it.
The lucky bunch of you jerk off’s got to experience this past weekends 8 Jewish Princess phone gang bang. We drained a couple of you rods to pay our entire hotel bill out in Palm Springs. We had 3 suites paid for by Monty who not only sent over a fantastic $1000 gift card for the hotel but he sent over 2 bottles of my fave Jouet Fleur. Monty gets the mention for being the top piggy to fork out and impress me. Fatty moobie boy John got his phone bang on at the party with all of us chanting BITCH TITS at him. You guys make the best party tricks ever!
So like, I’ve had a few of you dildo jammers ask me “Why do all Jewish Princess’s have a thing for Gucci and Louis Vuitton?”. That’s a bit of an old school Jewish Princess of the 80’s early 90’s if you ask me. The modern day Jewish Princess doesn’t really give a shit about Gucci or Louis that much anymore, Of course most of us have a few + our mom’s old “vintage” bags. But my point is the modern day Jewish Princess is much more badass then Muffy Muffinstein. The modern JAP has tattoos, piercings and does all sort’s of things one might not expect from a Jewish girl. One thing that has never nor will ever change about the Jewish Princess is her impeccable taste in just about anything and knowing how to work a man over for cash. Now pay me and suck my Jappy ass and tell me who’s the brattiest JAP of all!