Nice big stupid loser baby onesie you’re a total LOSER!

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Hey everyone omg I had the most hysterical loser cam for me today and of course when you get on cam with me, you always take a risk at me putting you in my blog.  I kept the loser get on cam since I’m really in for a good laugh and wow look what we have here! It’s a bouncing blue adult baby boy!! GROSS!!!  He had all his freaky goodies , diapers, powder and a nookie.A FUCKING NOOKIE not to mention the sick ass cellulite!!! I was starting to get totally grossed out so I told him I needed to raise the rate to $5.00 a min if he wanted me to watch him anymore, and then of course he started crying like a whiney ass bitch baby. I hung up and as fast as you can connect the dorky diaper wearing onsie baby was back on cam.  I scolded the loser and opps he had a diaper wipeout. Seriously I know its nasty. I did make him do some super grody stuff but , you need to call me and find out the details.

Gimme a call, new callers to Niteflirt get 3 min free.