New Look All Grown Up Jappy Princess Coming Soon

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I’ve decided to make some changes, It’s been forever since I took pictures actually it’s been years. I’m all grown up now and sexier then ever. I’m going to work on a total revamp, all new photos and even clips so you can watch my sweet tight round ass jiggle in your da-da-da dorky faces!

Johnathan has been calling every other day so we can plot against his cheating wife and her tryst with the fat ugly older man. He must have the hugest cock since Johnathan is worth a about 10 million big daddy bucks.
I had a caller today phone in all the way from Bahrain isn’t that just so totally taboo! Loves it!!! He started off the call being extra nice and wanting to tell me all the ways he was going to serve my Jewess ass. He went on chanting how I am great and I am good, it was really strange but hey, I get it. I did respond to him with all sorts of degrading words which, I don’t think I’m going to share here in the public with you turd curds.
It’s mani/pedi Thursday and I’m really torn if I should stay in the light pinks or maybe go red. One thing I’m sure of that’s that I’m not paying for it!

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