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Vegas Weekend NBA was a MESS!!! Lets start with the best parts! FIrst of all We did’t pay for A THING!!! Lots of $20.00 drop offs for the ladies and we came out winners! AS ALWAYS! I got the hottest lapdance ever with this like totally sexy Blond Barbie doll I just can’t stop thinking about her! The girls and I met some guys out at dinner when they asked if they could buy us drinks we said only if they pay for our entire bill. Without hesitation they offered up in exchange that they could watch us get lap dances. DONE! So like this one guy Billy he was Jewish and hot I decided I was going to use him as my sugar daddy for the eve. He was totally obsessed with my feet, in fact by the end of the night I had gotton him back to the casino where he won and then gave me $300 to run and get some shoes .. HOT! So anyway…… Billy has me so nice and drunk on vodka I just wanted to get it on! I was so ready for a lapdance so we got 2 hot chicks and had a little 4 some inthe corner.. I know you losers are panting and hard as a rock.. drooling like a dumb puppy…. I went back to his suite that night and fucked him so good.. next morning we get up and he gave me $1000 for my phone number!!! How sexy is that….
Ohhhhhhhhh there is like so much more… but, you’ll have to call for that Like duh…. doing what I always do… Leaving you hard and ready to get my hand in that wallet