My Jewish Farts

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You know how I always think farts are like so hilarious because they are.And you know the fart fetish thing makes me laugh even more. I love exploiting a fetish so the whole fart fetish thing is right up my ally. Ha Ha up my ally get it…. Well, yet another Jewish fart obsessed loser has come looking to smell the royal stench from my ass. So, I made this flatulence freak a mp3 for a small fee of $200 for 5 minutes of my melodic story and farts.

“Your highness, I have a certain request. You sometimes talk about your farting, and I would like you to record a video in which you fart and hummiliate me (or all your fans) for sniffing your farts (or pretending to).
I would like you to record a sound clip for my particular fetish, flatulence. Since I am a virgin (of eighteen years – so a high school theme would be great), it would be appropriate that you humiliate me for that, telling me that I am no good for anything than serving you or any woman and your/their (preferably sweaty) ass and sniff your/their farts.

To make it more personal you could call me by name.”

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