More Spoiling Of A Jewish Princess

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Hey Jappy addicts your favorite smut slinging spoiled Jewish Princess has been chillin at the beach pad thanks for renting it for me guys! All this walking on the beach has my ass is superior shape. It’s looking as big and as round as ever. Suddenly lost in thought of laying your lips upon it you ass kissing bitches. Loser Jewish Princess lover Joe in Chicago who I boss around making him break up with his girlfriend so that I can have everything he wants to give me total possession of his life and totally own and control him. He wants me to make him all mine, serving me and being totally Loyal to my royal spoiled Jewish Princess self.We went hard and fast and I did a nice job of digging into his wallet getting what I wanted. Oh yeah and this dirty loser who keeps seeing me at the bar begging me to lick my flip flops, how many times am I going to have to tell you. Fuck you pay me bitch! A lousy couple of drinks doesn’t inspire me fuck face, cash only beyatch.
One of my best friends the UPS man of the month who come’s to my door delivered me a nice “Back To School” gift. A super sexy new Gucci bucket hat from ass sniffing slave pig Larry. Just because i’m done with school doesn’t mean I shouldn’t celebrate just like other people. Gifts come to me no matter what the time of the year. Everyday is a holiday when you’re a Jewish Princess.

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