Moonwalking Under The Moonlight Of Manchester

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Busy week for the Jappy Princess, I chipped a nail writing this blog and I freaked and had to run out and get it fixed, ok It’s an hour later and I’m back I just got the most adorable flowers painted on my nails. CUTE!
So I had a lot of fun with this feisty boy from Manchester who called me very reluctant to letting me suck him into my web. He kept saying over and over how I wasn’t going to push him over the edge. Do you think he was saying that when I had him on the phone for hours and hours and each time and when the “You have one minute remaining” recording came on he was back at each supposed goodbye. Silly submissive boy aches and yearns for a mind melting Jewish Princess like me to have him under my foot, his face smashed under these soft pedicured soles. He kept telling me he had the devils (Jewish) blood in him via distant relatives. Get real loser, you are so not a fragment of chosen so stop the posin! Get under my fine ripe ass where you belong and go win me some more money with that online gambling habit of yours.
Since this was a full on Michael Jackson tribute time I thought I would make a special humiliation game for all you losers who called over the weekend. I made each douche bag who was at a computer and at home to go get a white sock and cut holes and make a glove out of it then, go over to YouTube and pull up “Beat It” with the lyrics on screen and put on that sock glove and sing along beating their loser shrimp dicks and yell out “This is for you Michael”. Ha Ha seriously that was like the most hysterical thing I have ever seen, you should have seen this one fat ass sissy from Texas who let me watch him do it on cam and even got into slinky shimmery lingerie. The Micheal Jackson white sock glove jerk off tribute was a total success. The things I get you morons to do for me never ceases to amaze me. I love being me.

Shalom Michael Jackson