Men In Adult Diapers With A Diaper Fetish

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What do we have here, it’s another fine phone sex addict exhibitionist who likes to humiliate himself on web cam for all to see. This freaky mutant of a male is a sissy loser who like’s to sport a tres chic diaper with the word sissy on it. If it wasn’t already pathetic and humiliating enough that he’s wearing a diaper now its got sissy written on it. Watch out ladies these are the things that can happen when your at work and your boyfriend is home before you. It’s hard to imagine there is actually a woman living in this losers place who calls him her boyfriend. All he wants to do is be dressed in drag with a zillion cocks being jerk’d off on top of him. Gross I know right! But the best part is I’m getting paid by the minute to use and fuck over this pasty bitch.
I didn’t even get to the super grody part, this diaper fetish creep stuffs the diaper full of warm oatmeal while he’s doing his phone sex session. Sometimes even I can’t believe this this freaky shit.
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