Mega Loser Geek Week My Personal Geeky Glee Club

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It’s been a Japtastic week for fucking dorky losers over. I just finished up my 4 week long boot camp and I must say my body is crushing hot. My trainer Greg was so hot with his perfect taned buffed body but, I could tell he had a dick the size of a Halloween treat and there went my sexual fantasies out the door. My boyfriend and his sexy lean body and his big huge Jewish cock worked me over really good on my last day after I bitched and moaned at how sore I was.
My boyfriend always seems to know the right way to shut me up when I’m whining, which of course is why most of you douche squirts could never handle a superior brat Princess like me. Piggys have been filling up my bank all week to pay for my upcoming adventure to Napa with my Jappy Prince. Coked up party pig David rolled in nice and early from a party to his hotel room calling me up practically in tears that his dick was so small and that he wished Jewish Princess like me would marry him. He also was of course begging to lick a cream pie out of my precious pinkdom. With my pinky raised high in the air I serenaded pin dick with my most popular hit song “Never gonna happen shrimp dick”. He sat there and pulled his jr. softy for an hour and I just sat an laughed as it was totally useless, amusing call first thing in the morning.
Brrr, it’s chilly out, looks like I’m going to need some new sweaters, so send me some Macy’s gift certificates and give me what I want.
Long time loser ( I won’t say his name to give him the pecker pleasure of having his name on my blog) let’s call him a negative nelly who “hates Jews” and loves to tell me what a fucking cunt I am yet, he feels the need to give me money. Talk about issues and being a total shmuck , the bitch is back and deserves a dip shit award. The loser calls to tell me he doesn’t have much money, like I really want to hear that? Please give yourself a purpose before calling me to spew your bullshit rant while I only make a piddly $10. I know, I’m so adorable and you all want to worship me.
Loser Craig