Meeting Dominant Jewish Girls

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Hey dorks, Welcome to March I just checked my email and found $350 Amazon card waiting for me from my admiring fan who loves to read my blog and gets off on my brilliant Twitter feed. Seriously, do like blame the guy, my tweets are awesome like I am. More adventures from my fan club mail bag. I love my loser love letters so much and I look forward to publicly humiliating all of you who send in ones worthy of my response.
Hi there, Jewish Princess.
I’m an English Jew (aged 24) looking to meet a dominant Jewish girl (but not an internet domme like yourself). Now the problem is that you can’t tell whether a Jewish girl has dominant tendencies until you go out with her, meet her parents, etc etc. They are afraid to come out and just be dominant. Instead they conform to the stereotype their communities push them towards. Similarly, myself as a Jew with submissive tendencies (I’m sure you meet plenty of these) cannot just go into the nearest bagel bakery and express this.
Do you have any practical advice as to how I can look for this girl? I mean how does one express oneself without revealing oneself to the world (or one’s mother, G-d forbid)? There doesn’t seem to be an outlet on the internet for this. Any tips?
Well Dan, like any good therapist you should know that if you want my advice or tips as you called them, then I highly recommend you giving me a call on Niteflirt at 1-800-TO-FLIRT ext 0546-065. Like most therapists you need to pay for my time nerd. Like seriously you need me to tell you about JDate? That’s a great place where you can put out there that you’re submissive Jewish guy looking to bossed around by a confident dominant Jewish Woman. Is it really that hard to find a dominant Jewish Female? You sound like a nebbish with a hairy nut sack head back to the bagel bakery geek you’re destined for singledom.