Married Men In Panties Sissy For Life

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Dorkatronic geeks its another edition of my online slave lovers will do ANYTHING for me on web cam. On todays edition we have long time Niteflirt caller Marc he’s a member of my tribe and a total sucker for a hot firm bitch Jewish Princess who will help to bring out the pretty girly he’s got on in the inside or what I like to call his TRUE SELF.
Marc has been renamed Marcia I thought might be a bit more fitting for a man in manties er, panties. Marcia got so excited to take a picture and show me that he nearly spilled his little fem cock. Of course there was no way in hell I was going to let that dribble occur without a sissy cum tax. He begged and begged and of course I just kept threatening to hang up the phone or log offline or even block him on Yahoo messenger. That was like so easy, a couple hundred and I allowed him to make his little sissy puddle in his panties. Isn’t that hilarious and like totally pathetic! I’ve got news for you Marc/Marcia this is just the first step in Jewish Princess feminization take over. Looking pretty panty clad sissy!
pantymarc1Marc The Married Panty Slut