March Is Here Yippee Easter Humiliation Time Candy Fun!!

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I love March with spring break coming up and all the hot guys that come to L.A for vacation FUN!. One of the other fun things about March is Easter and all the candy and fun stuff to look at in the stores. I thought I’d have my own Easter humiliation fun with some lucky loser… So dumbfuck calls me and wants to go on webcam to show me his 3 inch of grody…. fucking sick , like I want to see that ill yuk yuk. It was time to put the 3 inch dumbass to shame.
I told Easter boy to go over to Rite Aid and gave him a small list of items.
1. 1 bag of green easter basket grass
2. I package of bright colored plastic hollow eggs
3. 1 pack of peeps
As you can see in the pictures, the gross piggy did exactly what I said and he hid his nasty little worm into the eggs YUK!!! I’m like so glad I don’t celebrate Easter cuz if I did I think I would like never be able to look at another peep again .. EW!!!!!