Making A Small Dicked Jewish Mans Dream Come True

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Hey dorks! I was just cruising around TMZ and seriously, Heidi Montag makes me really gag she looks like such a horse face and her Playboy spread looks as boring and lame as her personality is “praise jesus -HM”. My legs have been getting really toned with my shopping expeditions this past week, I figured with the Fall online classes i’m taking I’m going to really need some new outfits to sit home and study in.
I just made another small dicked Jewish mans dreams come true today. It’s like i’m Make A Wish for the terminally dorked out loser. Small dicked dumbass found out I was totally into taking him around Los Angeles to make him suck as much black cock as we could find. We made a great deal, for each load of hot big black man cock sperm he took I got a full outfit including shoes and accessories. How in the hell am I going to turn down that offer, are you kidding I’m going to be 3 seasons deep in clothing by 3pm.
Slut whore bag Britney must have a serious case of pms cuz he’s been a major fag this week calling and begging for me to find him cock in Chicago. He still hasn’t sent me a picture which leads me to believe he isn’t good enough for my gay boys that I know out there. Send me a pic slut!
So much precious Jappy ass kissing to be done, so little time. Have you losers been following me on my twitter?