Macy’s Pre-Thanksgiving Extravaganza

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Ring Ring, It’s the beautiful Bratty Valley Girl calling me asking me if I want to go to the mall to meet her and some loser sub who lives in Hollywood. She enticed me with those magic words “Macys shoe dept and new jeans”. How can I say no? I met her sharp at 2pm and just like magic … Loser boy appeared. First stop for the pot bellied italian goyboy…. Jeans! After trying on like 15 pairs I landed a $249.00 pair of Citizens Of Humanity. Bratty ended up with some matching Sevens! $500 later and its down to the shoe dept we go. On the escalator ride down I “accidently” kicked the loser in the balls. WHOOPS! Jewish girls love shoes so why not get 2 pairs each! Whats a better way to thank a loser then taking his fat ass out to the car, stuffing him into the backseat of his totally bitchen beemer. Bratty and I hopped into the front and made him take his loser dick out while we spit in his ugly loser face and tossed chewed gum at him! FATTY FATTY !!! As he chanted to us until we decided to allow him to let his grody hairy wee wee let go……
Bratty tossed some stinky pantys at him and we opened the door and took our things….
You are like so jealous reading this!!!!!