L’Shana Tovah! That’s Happy New Year for all you non Jews

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L’Shana Tovah to all my Jewish worshippers! Thats happy new year for all the non chosen ones that don’t know it’s our like major holiday. I should be around for you losers a bit more since im taking some classes online and then i have plenty of time to berate and get my little Princess pockets nice and full.
I’v been getting all sorts of freaks and Memorial weekend was full of dumb dumb coked out drunk pigs.
A new coked out piggy loves to call and be forced to shovel snow up his nasty big ass honkin nose. He likes being passed around for hours and being forced to sit on the phone for hours. I’m going to spare my readers with the rest of the sick detials about this total fucking dipshit.
Tranny loving Sammy the Jewish nerd has been back in action realizing he needs me in his life to constantly confirm the fact that “He IS a tranny lover”. Sammy stop cheating on your wife with trannys and just come out of the closet!
New loser Canadian bacon bit is really fun to play with what a loser unkosher nerd. He loves calling while im at the gym working my hot ass out while I tell him all about the big cocks I see in front of me.

Like you know you need to call me now….