Losers With A Tiny Ounce Of Cool

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Hey freaks and geeks, What’s up my adoring Jewish Princess lovers? I had to take one of my kitty’s to the vet and like totally got a little wallet raped there but being the little whiney Princess that I am I threw it out there and out came a snorting cash pig ready to pay the bill for me with his credit card in his hand. Who’s the anonymous slave who sent me the $300 gift card for Bergdorf? While that was really sweet and generous of you, exactly what am I suppose to get for $300 there? It’s like a small dent in a handbag so, if you could just do a rewind and do it over again this time double it. Does that like make me come off like totally greedy? Yeah, though so, whatever that’s how I roll snobby and superficial.
Not so lucky Chuck got busting lurking my Niteflirt page with his button clicking habit resulting in a fine. Yes, when I catch you stalking me be sure to know there’s going to be a fuck you stalker fee minimum $50 every time.
Pure Niteflirt phone sex awesomeness happened again today when loser boy who’s fantasy to be the geek in Dazed and Confused called again to be a stupid piggy freshman and FRY!! Whoever thos dipshit is calling me has to have like some ounce of cool. Be a winner and call me at Niteflirt you little trolls.