Loser Panty Boy Mail Hollywood Style

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My late night Niteflirt losers are back and in full force. I see you’re all back to being addicted to me 24 hours a day and being so thankful that My Niteflirt Recordings are here for you to listen to me all day, all night. Stop mailing me with suggestions, if you want me to make you a custom recording with your male ass fantasy then you can pay the custom price for it.
It’s been amazing here this weekend, I was with JAP Jules down in Santa Monica shopping while stupid in the corner dunce bunny Brad sat on the phone listening to us try on clothes at the Juicy Couture store. Yay they had this AMAZING 40% off the sale price and well, it makes me feel so good when you well, this day it was dumb fart faced Brad who got a deal when he had to tribute the total for our outfits.
More hilarious mail to share, one more idiot on the loser block. This is a pretty awesome one, read on.
“This may be a stretch but since u live in L.A and your obviously rich raking in cash from exploiting losers like me I Was wondering if u happen to know any celebs. I would love to be turned into a sissy pantyboi slave for any famous actress or starlet but especially  for Cameron Diaz Kristen Stewart Lindsay Lohan Amanda Seyfried Keira Knightley Megan Fox Julia Stiles Liv Tyler Scarlett Johasnson Christina Ricci Mary Louise Parker Angelina Jolie Mila Kunis Charlize Theron and especially any of the Jersey Shore girls, Kardashian girls. the girls from 90210 or Gossip Girl and any and all WWE Divas”

Isn’t that hilarious, what a total loser I mean seriously dork, like my celeb friends would give a fuck about a cum stain like you. Just go buy me something or get over to my mp3’s and do something constructive.