Living In A Fantasy Sissy World

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Happy Monday fans, geeks and Jewish Princess lovers across the globe. So did you see this new show out called Virgin Diaries? It’s about adult virgins, some get married and have their first kiss and get laid. The show gives new meaning to bumping uglies, seriously the premiere episode had this couple who got married and had their first kiss and it was truly the most frightening thing I’ve ever seen. Seriously they deserve an award for the worst on screen kissing ever. Congrats TLC on another shitty show that has nothing to do with learning.
On to my losers, The awesome loser letters never stop coming in, so lets take a good laugh at this cock sucking wannabe sissy. Enjoy the show turds!
“my name is mike (i like to go by Heather) and i saw your profile and was really hoping to chat with you. i think that you are absolutely gorgeous and might be the very one who can possibly help me with my specific fantasy because we like some of the same things. i hope you love to talk as well that is a necessity.
to describe myself i am 5 ft 7 in tall with long dark hair and blue eyes and no body hair. I’m very submissive.
i have 2 huge fetishes. one is lingerie bikinis panties and all types of erotic clothes. i love all materials… satin lace leather except for plain cotton. And all colors especially pink blue white. i love playing dressup helping you dress and hearing you specifically describe what you like to wear and why in detail.
i also have a very big blowjob fetish. i love seeing a sexy beauty dressed sexily or slutty and giving a blowjob. i love hearing her describe what she loves about blowjobs just as much. i am very very submissive in regards to both fetishes and have fantasized about a domme forcing and teaching me how to give the perfect blowjob even though i have never done it before.
often i fantasize about being controlled with a collar and leash on me or possibly in a cage and being used as a sexily dressed and restrained mouth to satisfy cock after cock and swallowing tons of cum.
i would love to speak with you. I’ve written many fantasy stories about what i’d like to have done to me by a domme a t girl or a couple. if you’re interested please contact me so we can chat in private.
thank you