Like so totally not Kosher ! EWE LOVER!

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Like Ohh my Gawd.. My eyes are scalding! I just talked to one of my nasty losers who’s fresh back from Iraq. He was sweet enough to call me from a hotel room and get on cam and be like a total idiot for me!
As soon as he got on cam I saw his girlfriend Ewellisa (umm a blow up black sheep with like a beauty mark a smile and all.) Now is that like sooo gross or what!
He did’nt want me to see his face (who would) so he appeared on cam with a big ol pig snout and a clown wig. Lahhhhhoooooooooosssserrrrrr
He also had on a t-shirt emblazoned with the saying “Club Cocksucker” in huge letters on the front.
After I pigged out on his wallet making him give me a shitload of cash for having to allow my perfect eyes so see his un kosher nasty ass self I let him do his deed to his plastic play friend. Ughhhhhhh SO FUCKING ILL!!!!
Like enjoy the pictures!! I could’nt resist snapping some pix to share!
Once again the Jewish Princess does it again… Humiliating yet ANOTHER FOOL!!