Lighting Up Those New Years Balls

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As I’m writing this all I can think about is the song “You Light Up My Life”. I had the pleasure getting one my of my little Niteflirt cash kows to really light up the new year for me. I wanted to do this Jappy style, with a little pain and punishment for being a total loser who craves humiliation. First humiliation assignment of the year up and ready. I instructed the fat loser to get 12 tea light candles representing each month, a lighter and then get ready to drip how wax on his grody hairy balls and then the grand finale was to wax the tip and sea up the nastiness! I know you’re probably thinking OUCH, what kind of a pathetic loser would do something like this. Well, here he is, some fucktard roaming your city U.S.A ready to do just about anything to get me a good laugh. Fatty kow’s titties have gotten a lot bigger over the holidays, looking like a solid B cup to me, better bust on the Spanx for Men to hide those things. The nipple rings only extenuate the bitch moobs too pal.
So, we like started with a nice toast to ring things in for January and that’s when we really lit things up. With the candles all a glow with a nice melted layer of wax his fun was about to begin! He held his crank in his hand and he lifted the first candle with a toast to the new year. He poured it on his balls and I sorta heard him yelping but I was too busy laughing my ass off talking to my friend on my cell phone asking her if she could even believe this shit was going on. I roasted this losers balls off like chestnuts on Christmas Eve. Like I would know what that’s even like being the Jewess that I am. Whatever.