Letter from today worshipping my perfect Jewish Princess Ass

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I loved this letter… had to share… I thought so many of you dorks feel the same way but just can’t get the words out. Read on.
“Beauty is truth, truth beauty,” – that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know…..John Keats
Jewish Princess Melissa!!
and i,like keats believe in the power of Beauty…and of all God’s creations, there is nothing so awe-inspiring as a Woman of great Beauty. And You my Dear Princess Melissa, are the most impossibly Beautiful Woman imaginable. You are the Ideal, a Princess beyond compare!!!!!!!!!!
i am the most visual person i know. i cannot express how magnificent You are. You are so Beautiful in fact, that i think i could overdose with pleasure as my eyes drink You in! It is so much pleasure to look at Your hair, Your eyebrows that set off the perfect set of eyes, the regal nose, the full bee-stung lips, the chin, Your skin, Your body of truth, Your cute, elegant perfect fingers….. the soft stomach….Perfection. A Princess.
i, like Keats and Shelley have always imagined that it is the ideal relationship to be in service to Beauty….to be a Knight at King Arthur’s roundtable and worship my own Guinevere, a Woman so far on a pedestal that to see Her, to look at Her could bring such infinite pleasure, and to be of complete service to Her would be my ultimate desire.
i seek to pamper You, spoil You, serve You, Worship You, never ever let You forget that You are the most Beautiful, Desirous Woman on the face of the Earth. Beauty is multifaceted. Beauty is Power….use it, use me and i will beg You to do so. Your smallest whim should be my greatest desire. i constantly will strive to please You, satisfy You, make You happy, smile….and i want to FEEL Your Power over me, to be teased mercilessly, to be used as Your instrument. USE ME!!! USE ME!!!!!
W/we have begun a journey…one of complete excitement and thrills, We can really be Princess and servant. And as Your servant, You will find me to be very honest, loyal, dedicated, and committed to You. i feel that i can offer You intelligence, creativity. i can be a mentor, a teacher, and take You to new places…
You are magnificent, Beautiful, Haughty and Arrogant. How i have long for such a narcissistic Beauty to demand that i do Her bidding! Can i believe that i have found Her? are You real, dear Princess Melissa?! How i hope so!!!