Let’s Play Lets Make A Jewish Princess Deal

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Game on bitches! Grab hold of your wallets geeks, slide out that credit card and log into Amazon. I played a really hot round of Let’s make a Jewish Princess deal last night. Yet another sorry ass married loser who’s wife isn’t giving up her cobwebbed pussy needed some attention.
After a little bargaining and deal making the loser was ready to cum to a deal to make his 5 inch half man puke up. Seriously, it took like 15 min to make the deal and after we played our humiliating game his final squirt tally was up to $902 in Amazon gift certificates. I want the new Macbook even though I already got a new one last year, I need the new upgraded one. Unreal you dipshits will seriously do anything to get off! DUMB DUMBS!!
I went to see Depeche Mode at the bowl, super fucking awesome show and of course the box seats and backstage passes didn’t suck either, of course a JAP like me has all the connections.