Larry The Lawyer Sissy Fairy

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Happy back from Thanksgiving weekend, mine was absolutely decadent. Not that you’d expect anything other then that from this Jewish Princess. Our family friends have a winery up in Napa and my Jappy Boyfriend and I spent this year up there being wined and dined with the rich and a couple semi famous people. Oh look another gift has been bestowed upon me in the form of a Jewish submissive loser Lawyer named Larry. You all know I love showing off the freaks and losers who call me and here is a new one to add to the gallery of the sexually non gifted. From the first call it was love at first voice but it was really when he appeared on web cam that I nearly tinkled my La Perla panties with glee. I’m not sure if it was the flowing Farrah style wig or maybe it was the beard and the twinkle in his cock loving smile. Loser Larry is Jewish sissy from the Valley but lives in the OC now, he really doesn’t fit in the land of waspy goyim but he just can’t be himself here. He hates the fact that he was born a man so much that all he wants to do is get into that wig and slip on some lingerie to finally feel like the girl he was born to be.
He doesnt even jerk his cock off, he hates it and only rubs on it as if it’s his pussy. He’s really just a big fairy loser and he was just born that way. The really hysterical loser fun part is right before he’s going to make a big splooge of a mess he rubs on his clitty and starts to say over and over “We need to get rid of this diseased thing, We need to get rid of this diseased thing” and then Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! out comes the sissy lotion. Isn’t he just like totally hysterical he really makes me and everyone else who I’ve shared his photos with laugh our asses off. Well, its Cyber Monday and it looks like Im going to take all the awesome gift cards I got this weekend and use them up to by MYSELF whatever it is that I want. It’s always about Me isn’t it.