Keepin It Real With The Brattiest Chosen One Gelt Gettin

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Hanukkah greetings once again from my chosen self. Enjoy my bratty holiday greeting for you dorkalicious geeks. A couple new Amazon gift cards just rolled in today one for $200 from pickedapecker and upping that one igotsmalljunk1 sent me $250. I also scored a sexy new Hype leather purse. It’s only day 4 so lets see you give those credit cards a nice workout for your holiday jelly belly’s as I think out your wallet and make it thinner by taking what’s mine. Your money.
While you were in the office working hard for me, I was enjoying a nice 2 hour massage, I thought I needed to relax before I wrote in my blog.
One of my little bitch boys went on a photo buying bonanza, he went on web cam for me and thought it would be a funny little game to hold up his passport with all of his identification on it. Like seriously as if I wasn’t, ready with my finger on the trigger ready to capture the screen grab of all of his private info. I might be posting those shots in the next few days, that is of course unless he pays me couple hundred to keep them off my postings.
I have like the super grossest farts today from all the latkas i’ve been eating. I can imagine how many of you boners would line up to get a whiff of my juicy stinky holiday farts. Pass the gelt over (not the chocolate) and I’ll be sure to launch a juicy Jewess fart right in your face!

Happy Hannukkah Jappy Jewish Princess Lovers from Jappy Princess on Vimeo.


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