Jewlicious July Happy July 4th Weekend

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Whip out your little dicks and party! It’s Jewlicious Jewly bitches! Beach house, Jersey Shore hitting Miami bittchhhesss, using guys for rides on their boat’s, my girlfriends, tons of shopping that you nerds will be paying for, guys staring at my bikini perfect body as I ride around on my Hello Kitty beach cruiser, Hello July.
Happy kinda sorta birthday to Matt my nylon leg loving loser, I’ve told him like a zillion times I would send him my used worn pantyhose but I’ve been taking my sweet ass time since it’s not exactly at the top of my radar, I have so many other things to do like shop and get laid.
What are all you losers going to be doing for July 4th weekend? I know the majority of you tools with be out with your wife that hasn’t sucked your cock in years, get annoyed by your overweight kids, staring at all the hot young girls barefoot and in bikinis at your bbq’s and other assorted Americana style parties going on all weekend long.
While you’re pounding endless amounts of beers in your fugly Tommy Hilfiger (who even still wears that shit) golf style shirt and showing off your roy goy red lobster face I’ll be getting it on with my peeps. Catered BBQ, hot guys and sexy girls and of course a ton of hot dirty Jewish bitchs galore while basting at a pool where only the beautiful people are allowed to go. I’ll be sure to leave my Niteflirt lines on so you dorks can pay to dream. Nothing like being paid to party, I love my money!
While we are on the subject of loving money, brand new cash pig Brian found his financial domination soul mate for one night of hard core Jewish Princess cash rape. He started out at $4.95 and asked me if I’ve ever played a game of raise the rate. I asked him if he was trying to insult me and hung the phone up on him and that’s when the fun began. We got up to the Niteflirt max of $50 a minute and I stroked every last dime out of the loser like any Jewish woman of talent can do. That would be like 98% of us. I made enough for a couple nights at the Ojai spa but fuck that, that’s why you boys send me spa cards. In fact, get on that right now. Bust out your wallets bitch’s the weekend is here and I want YOUR cash.