Jewish Princess’s Fart Obsessed Ass Lover

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Hey dorks, loads of new geeks trolling around my Niteflirt town. So many new ass addicted slaves begging to get there face deep into my ass handing me gift cards and prezzies just for a little attention. My green loving new addict stepped up the right way by just dropping $350 in Amazon cards in my mail box and THEN approaching me to hang out and chat. Now that’s the kinda good slave boy I like. He kisses my ass and pays me for my time and he was even cute, yeah losers did you hear that? I said one of my slaves was cute, I bet you losers wish I would tell you that you’re cute and not totally fucking ugly.
I’m still waiting for Charlie Sheen to call me, I know Charlie Sheen has to have used Niteflirt at some point in his life he’s a major candidate for phone sex follies. Have we all had enough of him? Yes? No? Kinda? #WINNING #Over
Awesome Niteflirt phone sex loser of the week award goes to Sean from New York and that’s Sean pronounced scene. Sean has a major fart fetish addiction he loves it so much he’ll do just about anything to get a good whiff of a juicy fart, one of his favorite past times is getting in the subway at rush hour and getting in the middle hoping and waiting for a big luscious smelly fart to come out so he can bend down and intoxicate himself with the rotten scent. He used to be a bath house boy and pick up older rich men and go back to their place and be a little bitch for them. He claims old men farts are by far the wettest loose juicy ones his FAVE! So like dork, I just ate a really huge pastrami sandwich and fries and I have a really big Princess fart headed your way so get ready to get smothered by my juicy ass and take your medicine. Did I just see you puke in your mouth a little? I nearly did.