Jewish Princess Passover Seder Fun Time

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Hey geeks and lovers, Mah Nishtana HaLeila HaZeh (Why is this night different from all other nights?) Because this is the night that all you non Jew’s pay me a Passover tax and PASS over the cash to me while I’m celebrating and dining with me fabulous family and friends.
Passover starts at sundown tonight and that means it’s time to get creative with the matzo! Last year some losers got creative and made some nasty little matzo sandwiches. Are you catchin my drift on that? Grody grossness but, what else do you expect from a stupid dork bag who will do anything I say. I’ll be humiliating losers and taking loser holiday tax until around sundown or wherever I get to my destination. My wannabe Jew caller just came back to me after a long year long Niteflirt phone sex hiatus. He used to learn everything he possibly could about Judaism in hopes it would bring him closer to me. AS IF! I’m sure most of you minions of mine have no idea about Passover. So here is your chance to go get educated and read all about it. Tell me which of the plagues most relate to you?
Passover Plagues