Jewish Princess Mailbag Fun 80’s Fantasy Loser

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Reaching into the Jewish Princess Niteflirt mailbag I pulled out this gem of an email today. Let’s give a raging round of applause for another like totally douchy nerd roaming the earth. I must admit I got really excited to do this call because after all I am a real 818 Valley Girl with the totally bitchen accent to prove it.
“Subject: Can we do this 80’s fantasy
can we do a scene inspired by hot tub time machine. basically, its 1986 and i am the lead singer at ski resort 80’s festival. you describe your fashion and you make references to 80s band and 80s lingo. i am an opening band and you want to seduce and use me to get back stage passes to meet the main band, genesis.
so you seduce me and say trigger words like “little man” and “grody” and “baby dick” and talk valley girl AND WHENEVER I SAY YOU’RE SO HOT, YOU RESPOND WITH “LIKE YOU’RE NOT” OR “LO-SER.” and you show off your body and have me touch different parts in the hot tub while you talk ditsy and valley girl and “tickle tickle tickle” my lil man until i make a loser squirt and you get what you want.”
Like super awesome isn’t it! So the loser called and we went back to the future in my time machine and the loser lasted all of 6 minutes, seriously pathetic and I was pretty annoyed as I was totally getting into it and I never even got to meet Genesis. What a total super geek!