Jewish Princess Mail Fun Sneezing Fetish

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Hey geeks, stalkers, rabid Jewish Princess fanatics and friends. It’s been a cash filled week, lots of face cramming that fat fetish fucker and stuffing that bitch until he pops. But I was more interested in the loser sissy cash pig who called me dressed up as Strawberry Shortcake the slut version. He danced for me to Olivia Newton John and then did some country line dancing. Yeah I know I was as shocked and in awe as you are even trying to picture this horrific looking male in a slutty costume and heels trying to line dance to Achey Breaky Heart. I did get some really hot and humiliating video of this fetish freak and just as I told him I was going to post it he freaked out and offered me $500 to keep it private.
As much as I love to entertain you with my idiot collection the money spoke louder so I took the cash and decided to save the footage for a rainy day when he won’t notice that it’s been made public. I’m like such a bitch!! Instead I’ll give you some of my loser fan mail to laugh at, besides the repulsive amount of small dick pictures I’m sent I get a pile of dummy mail that deserves to be seen by all. Read on about the loser with the sneezing fetish.
Hi.  I saw your pictures, and they immediately piqued my interest.  I was hoping we might be able to talk about something a little unusual.  Odd as it is, I’ve always had a thing for sneezing.  Listening to someone speak as a sneeze slowly creeps into their voice, building slowly, gaining control until it’s irresistible…it really gets to me.  And that “ahhh…Ahhh!” as it builds drive me insane.
I had a specific scenario in mind.  You’ve been pursuing me for a while, but I’ve always been able to resist your attempts at seducing me.   However, you recently found out about my fetish, and you’ve decided to use it to your advantage.  You invite me over, and I find you dressed in your sexiest attire. You start to deliberately stimulate your allergies.  You talk to me, teasing me as you bring yourself closer and closer to a giant sneeze, and I find it harder and harder to control myself…
If this sounds like something you might be interested in exploring, great.  If not, I completely understand. 🙂