Jewish Princess Mail Bag Fun Times. Fuck Your Fantasy.

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Yay it’s one of my favorite things to do, exploit losers and share the idiot email I get. Lets take a dip into the Jewish Princess mail bag shall we. If you’re going to send me some pathetically stupid email, the chances are if I deem it good enough I’m going to show it off because everyone in my class loves show and tell.
“Hi Perfect Jewish Princess Melissa,
New fantasy to work with .. tell me what you think..
My gf and I were picking out cabinet samples for the house I’m purchasing and they gave us a couple of hours with an interior deco. lady – Italian milf.
She kept flirting me and when we were heading back down she wanted to show me another combination and asked me to stay back and my gf got pissed but then headed down..
She kept shoving her cleavage in my face … could you be her with alot of profanity and an extremely slutty attitude … wanting cum sprayed all over your face and blouse…despite my gf being right down stairs..
You get what you want and your blouse is all stained with my cum and my gf walks in, you swear your ass off at her for being a bitch while you fuck me in front of her…”

I’ll just start with, the bit about “New fantasy to work with .. tell me what you think..” Here’s what I think, I think at the time I received this the answer was, ya know i’m not really in the mood for this. Just a reminder to all of you with this. I am the Director and Producer of this show. You are my underlings, my lackey losers. I love receiving your scripts I really do. But, understand I may or may not use bits and pieces but I’m not here to re enact your dream scene. I do this to stimulate MY mind like duh, so like fuck your fantasy I’m so sure!