Jewish Princess Jappy Foot Fetish Tease Teaser

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Hey dorkalicious Jewish Princess lovers, I know its been a whole week since you’ve been able to get a piece of my preciousness and you miss me terribly. Napa has been beautiful and stunning and I even custom blended, bottled and corked my own wine and called it Chateau De Melee. I made a delicious Bordeaux blend and I will not be sharing any of it with you.
I’ve decided after this getaway that now I want a vineyard and my own winery. I need to really kick up the cash pile from you piggys to make that happen. If there is a wine slave out there reading this, I want to have you buy me some wine club memberships. Seriously, like I’m going to pay for it! The hotel I was at was all rich older wasps and newley married honeymooners having the last good sex of their lives. My boyfriend even noticed a few of the newlywed men staring at my body as I strolled back and forth around the pool to show off my big round ass in my bikini bottoms.
I would strut around and talk loud just to do what I do best, get attention. What can I say, I’m hotter then YOUR wife. Time for me to soak in the last of my trip and I will be back later tonight and back to taking calls.
I posted a foot fetish teaser clip on Youtube to make you boys weak for more of my royal Jewish Princess feet. The feet that own you, the feet that will control your life. Submit to the Chosen One, ME!