Jewish Princess Cash Excavation Adventure

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While I’ve found a new obsession with bizzaro religious porn it seems so have some newly acquired unkosher hams have found a new obsession, ME. Loveboatbilly has sailed the niteflirt seas for some time and has decided to throw down his anchor down and come to my shore for a gold digging excavation.
He understands the wants and needs of a brainy Jewish Princess, he knows I love and need nice things to maintain happiness at all times. He’s fallen in love with my toes and knows that my beautiful feet should be crammed into his mouth while I watch tv or chat on the phone. It’s so cute the way he sends me $100 just because he knows it makes me smile and then I send him a prezzie back just to make his devoted little dick so hard that he dips right back in and does it again.
Jonathon took a little leave of absence but there he was back to talk to his favorite Jewish sex therapist this weekend, He was having a pretty successful affair on but whoops the cheating wife found out and got mildly upset. We had a long drama filled session and I have to say, I love being in the middle of his dysfunctional marriage. OK dorks, I need to get my ass dressed and off to my private pilates session (thanks to fart lover stoopid sam for that month of sessions). Stop what your doing and go jerk off to me. Like I said right now you pud pullers.