Jewish Princess Butt Stalking

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What’s up Jappy loving stalkers, what were you just thinking, not me, I’m not a stalker? Yeah, you are you hang on my every word and love to see what I’m going to post next. So eat me hog breath I know you stalk me.
One of my old brown nosing ass kissers from long ago was cruising around Niteflirt looking for some half wit phone sex when his heart went still and he discovered that there I was. The most bratty bitchy Jewish Princess to ever hit the internet waves. With all my new pictures etc he knew he had to come back. There was once a time when I had this moron goy boy learning Hebrew and Yiddish sayings. Hysterical right? I was also making him write me love letters telling me how much more superior I am then his fugly blond shiksa wife. So like, I fucked him over pretty good and fiercely fast. I walked all over him with my pampered soles and literally squashed it until hundred dollar bills were popping out. I snatched that shit up fast and just like that another butt sucker comes my way. Yesterday was my weekly manicure/pedicure paid for this week by some random loser who didn’t even leave a note, he just left the tribute. Anonymous loser cheer’s to you for being a pig who didn’t beg me to mention him.
On that note, it’s Sat and I have better things to do like go hang out with my hot Jewish Man and play with his cock while you cuckold boy’s sit there and diddle your little circus peanuts. I will have my phone with me and if you call at the right time you never know exactly what him and I will be doing. Oh and sissy boys, don’t fucking call me and ask to talk to him, he’s just going to tell you what a fag you are so don’t try getting to him through me!
Now which one of you losers is paying for OUR lunch!