Jewish Girls Deserve The Very Best

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Happy post Fathers day dorks, my sugar daddies stepped it up and gave me exactly what I wanted and of course what’s every good Jewish Princess want? Cash of course, My daddy always flipped me cash when I was getting ready to go out shopping or out with my friends and I expect that from all my dorks as well. When a Jewish Princess tells you she’s ready to hit the mall you should always know thats your que to put your hands in your pocket and pull out some green, preferably the Benjamins.
My newly acquired Forced Intoxication slave Micker is begging to meet me and sniff my ripe ass. He spent 7 hours on Niteflirt begging me to be able to come and get trained by my ass to make him the subservient slave that he wants to be. He lives in Orange County so not too far but once he got on cam and I saw that he was a bit over weight with man boobs I knew what really needed to happen. Micker needed to be trained to get his figure back and earn the right to serve my greedy Jewish ass. I think he missed the sign that said NO FATTIES ALLOWED. Ass slave are not welcome unless they get their ass in top form and show me how dedicated they can be to me. He’s got 15 lbs to lose before I even consider letting him take me shopping for some skin tight ass showcasing jeans. Will he or won’t he do it? My guess is no, he’s too lazy to please me so in that case it looks like phone domination city for you slave boy.

Things I wake up too in the morning. Happy Sugar Daddy Day !!
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