Jacking Off With A Condom

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April is not the only month filled with fools. When you do phone sex, phone domination, phone humiliation whatever you you want to label it. You see that every month and every day is filled with freaks, morons, douchebags and other assorted fetish addicted losers. Moer great loser mail from the idiots who are obsessed with me. I give great phone what can I say.
This is a great humiliation letter, enjoy more of the losers that are roaming in your very neighborhood.

“Hi there! I’m not sure if you’ll be into this but I truly am a stupid idiot and I deserve to be treated like it. I would love for you to teach me what my real place in life is. Make me turn on MY web cam and help me make myself pretty for you. I want you to make me humiliate myself in the most brutal ways you can think of. I’ve got permanent markers for writing on my face, chewing gum that you can make me mash into my hair, hair clippers, lip stick, and I’ll try to get anything else you might think of that I’ve got around my house. Please call me a dumb ass and an idiot while you make me punch myself in the face until my eyes are swollen and sure to turn into nice shiners. show me how to save money on botox by punching myself in the mouth to swell my lips too, who cares if they split open and bleed cause that’s just more sexy, right? ….. LOL!!! Holy shit even make me take a pair of pliers and yank gobs of my hair out while you degrade me. Make me pick my nose and then eat it or even piss in a glass and drink it! Make me give you phone numbers of local girls who know me where I live and call them up and make up fucked up things about me like telling them that you walked in on me and I had their pictures spread out and I had made a hole in the couch cushion and I was fucking the couch LOL!….I’ll pick girls that are my facebook friends and you can get them to confront me about it on there and of course I’ll have to confess to them that everything you said is true and that I truly am a total loser! Totally destroy my reputation in my home town. Even make me give you my login info for my myspace and completely take over my account…LOL! Send me into stores at the mall while I’m on the phone with you and make me do the most degrading things you can think of. Make me send you pics of my tiny cock so you can post them everywhere you can think of along with my real name and cell # so anyone can call me 24/7 and degrade me about my manhood! I really want you to verbally degrade me and make me degrade myself for you and at the end of it all even make me jack off wearing a condom and then suck it out like I’m eating a icy…LMAO! Please do this for me!
P.S. Feel free to invite your girlfriends to watch too. You can all laugh at how stupid I am!
No I didn’t do the call, grody I’m here for the money not to lose my appetite.