It Pays To Be Jewish And Pretty

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Hey fudge packers did you geeks have a great Super Bowl? A ton of you Jewish Princess addicts who follow my every word had such a fun time tweeting with me while I ripped on people and sat on my ignore line. If you don’t already follow My Twitter then it’s time you started up an account and did.
One of my long term losers dork Darren was in town this past week for DOMAINFest out in Santa Monica. There were sure to be hundreds of rich geeks in glasses that haven’t been laid in months swarming the premises so I knew I had to grab my best shiksa blond and get down to the hotel. Loser Darren had a big suite at the Huntley which we decided to kick his ass out and make him get a room for himself and take that for the night. If you think there was any way I was like going to drive back to the Valley after a day of drinking and fucking guys over all day you have to be like totally crazy.

Darren is SUCH a loser that his fetish is having a Jewish Girlfriend. So, for $1000 I hang out and bring my friend and ignore him all day and flirt with other guys at the hotel bar. Simple right? Because that’s the advantage of being a hot Jewish Princess I can make money just for looking pretty and being a chosen one. There was a big party at the Playboy Mansion for all the nerds and I wanted to get in on that so we invaded that with Darren and of course we were by far the hottest girls there. My Shiksa side kick and I were like the hottest chicks with brains there it was totally slut bag city. Good thing I had underwear on or I probably would have gotten pregnant sitting on a chair. Jewish Prince is here now gotta go get me some of that kosher salami of his. If you want to hear more then fucking call me loser and PAY to hear the rest. Thanks for a great time D and thanks to my family for having such amazing genetics! Can’t get enough of me then go to my Niteflirt Recorded Listings 24 hours a day of my hot Jewish voice.