I’m Gonna Tell Everyone You’re A Sissy The Mp3 Edition

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Geek squad did you have as great of a Memorial weekend as I had? Did yours involve numerous party’s and copious amounts of alcohol? Or were you home sitting there like one of life’s little rejects with your face buried in the computer beating off to porn on the internet every chance you had. I’m going to guess a good portion of you hand humpers were glued to the computer.
In honor of the updated mp3 I thought it would only be fitting to share these awesome pictures I snapped of Sissy Tommy on web cam. He’s been taking ballet classes so I had him dial me up on Niteflirt and show me some of those sissy boy moves. Seriously though the panties are super fugly, time to hit up Victoria Secret and nix the 99. cent store granny panties. I have the fat sissy working out daily and I have taken notice that his bitch tits have decreased, what are you a A cup now? Show your Jewish Princess worship and call me up on Niteflirt geeks!

Sissy Tommy BalletSissy Tommy Ballet2

Ass platoon listen up! The new 2010 version of “I’m Gonna Tell Everyone You’re A Sissy the mp3” is ready and posted waiting for you to buy and trance out to your secret homo life’s content.

I’m Gonna Tell Everyone You’re A Sissy
mp3 $9.99
7 Min of my super Jappy Jewish Princess sexy voice berating and humiliating a sissy boi like you. You exposed yourself to me with your lust of panties and now what’s stopping me from outing you pole smokers to everyone that you live to wear lingerie and beg to suck on a big hot cock!