Idiot Email Alert! Gag, Choke And Puke On This Bitch

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When I get idiot phone sex mail it feels like Hanukkah or for you goyim its that feeling like Christmas is near and you get fun things in your stocking. In today’s edition of Losers who send me hysterical pathetic phone sex emails we have resident idiot Michael.
“Hi..  Please respond if you are interested in my fantasy.
I would like to suck, gag and choke on my dildo while you relax with your pretty feet up and verbally abuse me without yelling.  When you want to hear me gag say “gag on dick” “when you want to hear me choke, say “chock on cock”. Only do the call please if you do not get grossed out by hearing a guy gag, choke and puke. You are free to do other things while I throat fuck myself like surf the web, read a book, study, watch tv. Just give me orders and verbally abuse my tiny 4 inch dick.  Also share with me how you will spend my money and how pathetic I am for paying you to abuse me. I will also be wearing panties, a black dress and nylon stockings, so feel free to tell me what a faggot bitch I am as well. Thanks!”
Clearly Michael doesn’t know me too well by reading this. A real submissive loser who knows me would know never ever to direct me on a call, ever. As if I care about your scripted fantasy loser! I say what I want to say when I want to say it. I love the part where he says “You are free to do other things like surf the web etc” Ohhhh wow really? I’m free to do whatever the fuck I want while on the call while listening to your stupid homo fantasy! Let’s be real about something here, this is no fantasy, we all know this freak actually has a needle dick and aches to have a cock crammed into his throat. Choke on THAT bitch!