Hysterical Email from a Sissy Poo Poo Pie

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“Hello Your Highness
i am a pathetic sissy loser from the UK. i am 35 and a teacher. i wear my sister and niece’s dirty panties and pantyhose under my male drag at work. i have a tiny pee-pee, which a previous online Mistress gave the name ‘little miss clitty’. i have realised i am not a real man, and that i deserve to spend my free time as a humiliated sissy teen-girl. As a result, i have ordered cds by Hilary Duff and Aaron Carter, as well as the Lizzie McGuire movie, and a beginners ballet dvd for little girls, as well as a ballet costume.
i want to thank You in advance for letting me call Your line it will be such an honour even to be ignored by You – and would be grateful if You would let me know if there is anything a sissy-girl like me could to to amuse You. or any tasks , hobbies or rules a sissy like me should take up / follow
Hilary Muff”

Is that awesome or what! I need to make a new recording around that, maybe “I’m gonna make you a pop Princess sissy slut”

<———– ONLY $2.69 a min 🙂 Don’t be afraid gimme a call