The Humiliation Diet

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Saturday morning here I am watching t.v relaxing for a moment ignoring some idiot on the phone when I see on the news the new “Humiliation diet”. I think I had to do a double take and run to my lap top to see if it was true. My overweight callers know how much I love to do fatty patty humiliation. I think it reminds them of being younger and fat and the hot Jewish Girl like like me would point and tease and call him bagel belly.
There it was, people outing themselves with their disgustingly embarrassing eating habits. Yeah its great you park your car really far in the office parking lot to walk to your desk but wow, look at the shit you consume. Nice job on the salad, those extra 1342 calories in ranch dressing is sure to help you drop that fat.
I got side tracked anyway my point is, fuck this humiliation diet on the web and Twitter crap. You think tweeting that you just downed a carton of Ben & Jerry’s “Chubby Hubby” is going to make the fat melt off? Do you expect people to tell you what a loser you are on twitter for pounding so much garbage? Lets talk about a real weight loss plan. For a mere $2.99 on Niteflirt I’ve been poking fatty’s stay puff bellies, verbally annihilate fat pieces of lazy shit for a few years now. How can I resist when I see some porky ass bitch get on the web cam and the first thing I’m doing is recommending a good bra for those moobie man bitch tits. Rant over , now get those potato chips out of your grubby chubby fingers and call me up right now so I can help you drop the chub.