Humiliation Assignment Date A Shoe

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Hey losers! it’s letter time from the loser box.I love showing off what stupid losers will do for me, it makes me so proud! The latest and greatest is the once and a while caller loser heelboy and his totally awesome letter for me.

Princess Melissa,

Thank you for allowing me to fuck a toilet today. Here is my assignment for the blog.Princess Melissa ordered me to write about what we did during today’s phone call. She enjoys humiliating me in public, as well as private, and i like to make Princess happy. I was very nervous about calling, being that I really am a sniveling pervert wimp, and it’s hard to be exposed and degraded. But I can’t resist the need, the craving to be abused by her. At first Princess put me in my place by letting me know just what a disgusting, pathetic, useless loser i am, and how much she enjoyed mind-raping me and taking my money.  Then she made me confess my fantasies and tell her what toys i had to play with. She found it amusing that i have a shoe fetish and keep a pair high heel black patent leather pumps around to get off with. 

Princess Melissa mocked me over the fact that i have to ‘date’ shoes because no real woman would let a worm like me touch her. Of course she is always right,i burned with humiliation. Princess decided that the shoes are my girl friend now. She named them Sugarbuns, and forced me to make out with them. i licked and sucked and made love to the shoes while Princess laughed at and degraded me.This put me completely under her spell. Next call i may have to beg her to let me do more with the shoes because i liked it so much.

Next, Princess Melissa sent me to the toilet. She had me kneel in front of it while she ridiculed me over the fact that she can control me. She made me put my face in the toilet and lap the water so she could hear. Then i had to put my face all the way in and flush.While i choked, with toilet water swirling around my head, Princess laughed.By this time i was so excited my penis was dripping. Princess made me put my dick on the toilet rim and drop the lid on it.  She liked that so i had to do it a few more times. She made me do it harder each time and my cock was smashed. Then she made me leave the seat on my dick and fuck the toilet seat. i had never done this before, it was mortifying, which only made me hornier.

As time was running out i begged Princess Melissa if i could come by fucking the toilet seat since i liked it so much.  She was amused by my desperation, and made me pay extra for the privilege of cumming.  i fucked the toilet seat while Princess pointed out how filthy i am and how only a sick freak would fuck a toilet. i came like a pig while Princess expressed her disgust. The she finished me off with one last face dip in the cum filled water. While my face dripped toilet water and cum, she laughed and gave me some assignments, including this one.  i thanked her profusely for giving me what i need and deserve.Thank you Princess Melissa for emasculating me and turning me into your toilet fucking bitch.


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