How to crack up a Jewish Princess

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One of my fave callers … Of course he’s Jewish. “Doinittohim” sends me the most hilarious emails. I had to share this. After doubting I was real and then proving myself. I have this loser by the Jewish balls!

“glad i could entertain you. that’s what i’m here for, to amuse your highness the princess of Israel. did i mention that i’ll clean your funky ass crack after i’m done with your shoes? i love the taste of sweaty ass.
sorry i ran out of $ last night, i’m a little low on cash this month b/c of the holidays. you see, my wife is also a jewish princess and she makes me buy her expensive gifts. i bought her a pair of $500 Christian Laboutin shoes, i hope she likes them but she probably won’t b/c she’s a fucking bitch and nothing is ever good enough for her. i don’t know why i keep falling for you spoiled jewish whores.”