Holidays With Jewish Princess Melissa And Heeb Magazine

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Happy Holiday’s I’m so glad Christmas is finally over, I guess the word got out this year that the cool thing to do on Christmas is order Chinese food. This year delivery was an hour and 1/2 wait, as if I want to wait that long for Chinese food, good thing I flirt with the manager all the time and called in and just gave him my best whiny sweet voice telling him there was like no way I could wait that long for my tangerine beef. He giggled and said he would place my order on top and I would be the first stop and my sizzling rice soup would be sizzling! See it like totally pay’s off to flirt with the manager of your fave Chinese joint.
If you didn’t already see it, the coolest hipster Jew rag (they didn’t even pay me to say that) Heeb Magazine wrote about me. Check it out nerd herd and if you’re a fellow heeb reading this and you don’t have a subscription then pony up and subscribe. Hell, even you non Semitic sheep should subscribe.

Heeb Magazine