Holidays Never End When You’re A Jewish Princess

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Best news since my last update is 5 more years of the Howard Stern show. Which means time for me to add to my Sirius portfolio so like tribute time, stop what you’re doing and send me $20 now loser.
Nerd herd! Nerd Herd! Being a Queen J.A.P to so many nerds and dip shits can really get a girl feeling fizzy. Was there some alert put out there because a huge new pack of nerds came to me at Niteflirt ready to get their egos violated. I’m hardly complaining especially since I landed a rad new Burberry hat and a ton of Amazon gift cards and other assorted gift cards. While I love all the gifts, You should know by know gift cards get me even more turned on. I’m like totally banking in this year so why stop now nerds.
One of my washed up former hottie callers now married and fat with 3 kids called me up asking me if he could send me a gift card to use at the Coach store. I just about hung up on him but, I’m a money lover so I felt the need to keep taking his money and then read him his rights. I totally went off on the loser for asking me if I would want a Coach gift card. Like seriously, I’m a Jewish Princess we don’t do coach over the age of 16. I was wearing coach when I was in High School and my Bubbie (grandma for those who don’t speak Jewess) got them for me. I remember once when some loser asked me if I wanted a gift card to Forever 21. Seriously? Next you’ll be wanting to buy me diamonds from Zales.
Coach gift cards are like what my mom gives the family help for Christmas gifts. Lesson learned, I made his ass head right over to my Neiman Marcus wish list and get my hat. It arrived today! He got himself a little education in taste and I got what I wanted. I’m not thinking about giving, I’m thinking about taking.