Hey Stupid Cupid Wanna Be My Valentine

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Hey geeks, so like, I’m in full Valentines mood. Everywhere I go the red and pink is everywhere, the market has full isles dedicated to Valentines treats and decor. I’m sitting here and I just can’t stop thinking about a giant red heart box from Rite Aid filled with chocolates and making one of you pervebots cut a hole in the center and shove your cock in and make a box of cocklates. Looks like you submissive porn junkies have got a humiliation assignment coming to you Jewish Princess lovers. Which one of you loser boys is willing to get on cam and make this happen for me. Princess needs a good laugh and since you are my entertainment I wanna see it let’s get it on.
I’m really lovin American Idol and super bummed it’s Simons last year. Oh yeah and like for all the loud bitches in my LA Fitness sauna can you please STFU this Jewish Princess is trying to relax and I don’t want to hear your droney yenta conversations. Ughhh I’m so bitchy today I feel a PMS rage coming on.
I had the biggest nerdy perve Jewish guy call and confess to me that all he wants to do is suck all the goy boys cock and that when he was in High School all the jokes picked on him and his friends because they were such wimpy little Jew boys. The only sport that geeky heeb was good at was being a mathlete. He kept saying loudly his friends last names that also got picked on and hot hot the jocks were and all he wanted was to suck them off. Like major little pussy ass Jew boy gross you deserve all that big goy cock! Lets get it on dial me up dorks.
Make Me A Box Of Cocklates

Valentines Day Humiliation Assignment
Assignment $6.00
This is a simple but totally humiliating and pathetic assignment.
I love big heart shaped boxes of chocolate and from you I want you to make me a photo assignment with your cock in the center of a heart shaped box making ME a box of COCKlates to laugh at. + Hot Photo