Hey Melissa What Forms Of Stimulation Are The Most Effective On The Clitoris?

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Hey geeks, nerds and super fans! The Jappy awesomeoness never ends I’ve been getting a lot of questions and picking out my faves, it kinda amazes me how many guys have no idea how to work their ladies sweet spots. So i give my quickie like I like it answer on that. It’s another edition of Hey Princess Melissa! We have David S who wanted to know about What forms of stimulation are the most effective on the clitoris? The Daily What Tease.

Ask a Sexpert of the Day: David S. writes:

What forms of stimulation are the most effective on the clitoris? Vibrations, circular rubbing, light pressure, hard pressure? Or is it entirely based upon the woman’s preference?

Women will take any sort of stimulation on the temple of feminine jewels, so a little attention can oftentimes go a long way. So just by heading down south, you’re already off to a great start.

The most effective form of stimulation will come from reading how your woman is responding to what you’re doing. There isn’t one effective thing; it’s all about how you do that thing you do. When you flick your tongue on the clit as if you’re wondering how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop and she’s just lying there, then you’ll know that it’s just not working. When you’re slowly but firmly teasing that clit and you feel her hips and inner thighs clenching up (fingertips grasping your hair pulling you in for more), then you’re doing something right. Keep going with that until she explodes in your face, and don’t be shy to ask your partner what feels good. It beats guessing.

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