Loser sissy wears panties on webcam

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I’m so happy I finally hopped on the wordpress site bus and here I am. This is my first post here on my new blog! I’ve converted my old blogger posts as well but I may have lost the pictures that were once on there.

Anyway, Jonathon the rich ass closet sissy freak from San Fran called me to let me know he found out his wife was cheating on him and he was bummed. Like how can you really be bummed when you are a total niteflirt addict and you want to be a sissy and your wife has no idea! What a total loser! This geek of the week called me the other day and wanted to be a panty theif and put on his girlfriends pantys and talk like a girl. Look at the pervert!!!! Look at the pervert! I love when loser dorks get on webcam for me it really makes me laugh my ass off.

New callers to Niteflirt get 3 free minutes.