Hey Dork Which Douchebag Are You?

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A lot of people think the guys who call me are just big fat balding losers. Well ok, there are plenty of those who are calling and while that’s not the case for all my subbies and phone sex junkies, I would say the majority of callers are just straight up douchebags. Attractive, fit hair styled, bottom line you’re still just douchebags in my eyes. This clip says it all, now raise your hand when you see that image of yourself floating across the screen.
You may be the idiot who laughs at his own joke, or the loud dumb fuck who tries to show off in front of his sexy dumb bunny broad of a bimbo girlfriend. Truth be told, a good majority of you losers reading this right now are one of these guys, and if you’re not then I assure you, you know him. A Jappy Jewish Princess would NEVER date a shmuck like YOU or these tools.

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