Here Comes Trouble In Chastity

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Loser Alert!
Subby boy Jeff dialed me up on Niteflirt and told me he was locked up in chastity. The moment I heard he has his little dick locked up I commanded him to get on web cam for me. His compact little dick was so grody, it was like a hairy little dick that was locked up in some Lady Gaga type looking outfit. The only way he was going to get out of that chastity contraption was to zip his jeans back up and head over to the nearest Victoria Secret for a humiliation task.
I told Jeff to call me from the store when he got there and let me talk to a sales person. Right on Que and ready for some serious public humiliation Jeff called me from the inside of Victoria Secret voice cracking and walking aimlessly. I demanded that he gave me the phone to the salesperson. He did it, he passed over his phone and the sales chick came on. I said to her “Hi, right now I want you to pick out for this guy the most pansy prissy panty’s you can pick out to make him feel like a total girl” She was cracking up! She told me they had a sale going on 7 panties for $25. I’m a Jew of course I love a good sale like that! She said she would take care of it and pick out some really prissy things, I told her to make sure she let everyone she knows know about this sub loser!
I hoped she wouldn’t think he was some pervert so I made sure to let her know that his grody little cock was all locked up in submission in his jeans. I did promise him if he completed this mission I would let him out of his cage and let him spill his grody mess in some panties. Mission complete he ran home to give me a sissy pansy fashion show. Guess who’s locked back up today! Another little submissive bitch aching to be at the heels of a Jewish Princess.
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