Heel Boy Prose a literary form of kissing J.A.Ps ass

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” Jewish Princess Melissa is so beautiful and erotic, she strikes me like lightning. She is radiant, her pictures alone have me quivering on my knees. Her amazing breasts, tantalizing ass, pure, smooth thighs, and intoxicating legs are sexual perfection. But her angelic face brings it all together, when she smiles at you and cuts you with her cruel, shining eyes, you are thankful for the pain.

Princess knows how to use her beauty to trap and control me. She teases me into a state of pathetic desperation. All i can do is drool, whimper, and stare at her magnetic body and hypnotic eyes, knowing that a loser wimp like me will never get near a goddess like her. Instead Princess can reel me in like a fish on a hook, exposing me as a submissive pervert she can use, abuse, humiliate, and torment for her amusement. Of course i am grateful for all of it and happily allow her to rape my wallet for the privilege of being degraded by her and the honor of suffering for her.

Today i couldn’t do a phone call so i e-mailed Princess and begged like a sissy for permission and instructions for me to masterbate to her picture. It was wonderful of her to respond, command me to do and buy things, and pay cash for the glory of whacking off like a disgusting freak to her image. i did it with clothes pins on my cock and balls because i am driven to suffer for Princess. i can only imagine what this goddess will do to me when i call her. But i can’t resist.”

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